How a former trader conquered the art market

Robert Mnuchin

From the financial to the art market, it was a small step for former Goldman Sachs trader Robert Mnuchin. Read the interview with this man who left a well-paid job to follow his dream.

The story of your gallery is an extraordinary one, not only because of the quality of your shows but also because of how you came to be a dealer. In fact, before you opened the gallery, you had a wildly successful career in a very different field, as a storied trader on Wall Street for Goldman Sachs. Then, suddenly, you made a change.

I’m very lucky that I did, because I enjoy so very much what I do. I really do.

How long were you on Wall Street?

A little over 30 years. I started as a trainee in 1957 and left at the end of 1990, purely by choice. I wasn’t pushed—it was because I’d done the same thing for a long time, and I had an interest in seeing if I could achieve something in some other field. But it wasn’t so clear that I was going to open an art gallery at first.

Former Goldman Sachs Weather-Maker Robert Mnuchin on How He Conquered the Art Market, Too | Art for Sale | Artspace.

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