Love letter to a statue

Dear mister Rilke, Dear Rainer,

I hope that you don’t mind me addressing you as Rainer. We have a lot in common: just like you I am an avid letter writer. I have a confession to make, dear Rainer, I fell in love and now I feel like the panther you have described so eloquently in your poem. I feel exactly like the caged animal, restless and tired. In addition, you also know very well how it feels not to be loved back. The subject of my love could be Lou as well. The subject of my love is blue. (sorry for the obvious pun in the previous lines, but as I already wrote, the ramblings of my mind are caged behind bars of the heart als well).

I fell in love with a statue. But alas, I am not Pygmalion and the gods have other things to do. The object of my passion is a mere 50 centimeters in height and created in a blue that even stupefies gods. Here is my little Victoire de Samotrace. She might be less
overwhelming than her big sister in the Louvre, but I must admit: I am a jealous man. I want my ultramarine love just for myself. See how the sun dresses her with spectacular shades of blue; how her cast shadow slowly turns to me and how I, in eager anticipation ,await the warmth of this touch.

Sincerely yours,
Mister (in love with) Blue.

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