Breaking news: crashed drone pilot is no work of art

The place formerly known as Antwerp, 15 juli 2133 (from our local A.I bot). Art lovers were surprised to find a new (and anonymous) work of art in the well-known Sculpture Park Middelheim. Being confronted with the unknown object, the Artbot organising the guided tour was quick to come up with a posthypermodern vision on ‘the work’. Only when a retired human guide pointed out that no new work was expected, passers-by realized that they had been admiring the remains of a crashed drone pilot. The museum and local police are investigating the matter. The Museum declared that a conceptual price will be awarded for the best artistic ‘YouTube’-movie of the scene.

Visitors of the ‘Can you believe that humans actually created it’ tour on Wednesday where surprised to find what looked like human remains on the premises of the universally famous Sculpture Park in the former ruins of Antwerp. The Artbot in charge of the tour presented the remains as an objet trouvé and made references to the work of the godmother of Dadaism, Elsa Freytag von Loringhoven, who became famous in the beginning of the 21st century as the real artist behind the infamous Piscine, once attributed to checkmate Marcel Duchamp. The crashed drone was, according to the Artbot taken out of service for reprogramming, an example of a Panamarenko epigone, but with a clear intention to hit the ground instead of the skies. The deceased, later identified as Damien H., was referred to, spot on, as an obvious follower of Ted Lawson, an iconic blood painter who became famous after his early demise due to exsanguination.

It was only after the third guided tour that a retired human guide questioned the Artbot’s explanation and asked for a further investigation of the premises. Then the mistake was discovered. At the same moment the first artistic youtarts (short for ‘youtube generated art’) appeared online. The high ‘like’-rate of this posthumart prompted the Sculpture Park board to launch a crashart contest.

All your movies can be sent to

(this ‘fakenews’ was written as an assignment for the course Creative forms of art criticism and writing (Node Center Berlin)



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